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Please read the Privacy Policy of our Website carefully.

So you can have all the legal information and understand more clearly the treatment we carry out on your personal data, the legal justification and the rights that assist you in relation to them.

For these purposes, we understand personal data as any information about you, such as your name and surname or your email address. Of course, we will treat all the data you provide us in full and strict compliance with all the legal requirements that apply to us. We say this because at Canimarc we place great importance on your privacy and privacy, and we strive to protect it.

In this Privacy Policy you have general legal information about, among other issues, the use that we are going to give your personal data, if someone else is going to access them, if we are going to keep them or use them for other different purposes, or of the different rights that the law grants you to protect your privacy.

In relation to the above, we must clarify that all the information related to the use of cookies and the data that we collect from your browsing on our website (what information we collect, what use we are going to give it, and what you can do about it) you have at your disposal in due detail in our "Política de cookies".

Who is responsible for the processing of your data?

The entity responsible for the processing of your personal data is «Mecanizados Canimarc, S.L.» (hereinafter «Canimarc»), residing in Calle de Conflent, 9 Pol. Ind. Nord - 08225 Terrassa, Barcelona. Email address:

For what purpose, and legal basis, do we use your data?

At Canimarc we will treat your personal data in order to respond and attend to any request you make. In particular, we can treat them to give you all the information you need about our services, as well as respond to a request for a quote.

In short, at Canimarc we will treat your data in order to offer you more personalized attention.

That said, we will now indicate the legal basis that allows us to process your personal data according to the use that we are going to give it in each case. At all times we will inform you (a) when we will do so for the legitimate interest that both you and we have in being able to use your data, (b) when that information that we ask for is essential for the contract you want to sign with us, (c) when and for what reason we ask you for information that we are legally obliged to ask for.


  1. Legitimate interest:
    On the one hand, we will process your personal data to help you every time you request it, both through our website and through any of our contact numbers; We refer, for example, to the request for any kind of information about our services.

    In these cases, we understand that at Canimarc we have a legitimate interest to use the information you provide us. We understand that the interest we have in using your data to respond to the requests that you formulate does not harm your privacy or harm your expectations of privacy.

  2. Compliance with the contractual relationship:
    On the other hand, if you request it, we may also process your data to facilitate the contracting of any of our services.

    In these cases, it will be necessary to process your personal data since it is essential information to provide you with the services you have requested.

  3. Compliance with a legal obligation:
    There will also be occasions when we must use your personal data to comply with certain legal obligations that apply to us; In these cases and to the extent possible, we will inform you of this and of the regulation that imposes it on us.

Are we going to share your personal data with someone?

Canimarc is the entity legally responsible for the collection, use, conservation and elimination, where appropriate, of your data. Therefore, and as a general rule, we will only use your data in Canimarc, and we will not transfer it to any third party. We will only do so when it is legally obligatory (for example, to the State Security Forces or Courts and Tribunals).

Outside of these cases we will not communicate or share the information you provide us with any third party.

However, we do want you to know that at Canimarc we have the collaboration of third-party service providers that may occasionally have access to your personal data. We refer, for example, to companies that provide technological or computer services.

In this sense, we want to clarify that we will sign with these providers the corresponding contract through which we will impose, among others, the obligation to apply appropriate technical and organizational measures; treat the data they access only to fulfill our order and instructions, and delete or return them once their services have ended.

How long will we keep your data?

At Canimarc we will keep the information you provide us for the time strictly necessary to manage and respond to what you have requested. Once we have given you an answer, we will only keep your data to have it available to the Courts and Tribunals in case there are any claims. We will keep these data during the legal prescription periods, but duly blocked and only for that purpose.

What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

The law recognizes you a series of rights, which you must know and can exercise to protect your privacy. We are referring mainly to your right to:

  1. Confirm whether or not Canimarc is treating your personal data and, in this case (a) accessing them, (b) requesting their rectification if you think they are inaccurate or, where appropriate, (c) requesting their deletion when, among others reasons, consider that they are no longer necessary, taking into account why you gave them to us.
  2. In certain circumstances, you can also request to limit the use we make of your data, or even oppose our continued use. In this case, we will stop using them, except for compelling legitimate reasons or the exercise or defense of possible claims.
  3. You will also have the right to request the portability of the data that you have provided us, so that if you are interested, we will send it directly to you or to a third party that you indicate, in a commonly used and machine-readable format.
  4. Of course, you have the right to withdraw the specific authorizations that you may have given us to use your personal data at any time.
  5. Finally, you can file any claim with Canimarc and/or with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (as such competent Control Authority in matters of Data Protection), especially when you have exercised any right and we have not addressed it in the legally established terms .

These rights of which we have informed you, you can exercise them in person or by writing to the address of Canimarc (Calle de Conflent, 9 Pol. Ind. Nord - 08225 Terrassa) or by email to

Who is the Canimarc Privacy Officer?

To protect your privacy and intimacy, as well as to guarantee that we comply with all legal requirements regarding the protection of personal data, we have appointed a Privacy Officer, who will be in charge of providing you with all the information you need about your personal data.

If you need to contact him, you can do so through the following email address:


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